The Garratt Locomotive

Pictures of Garratt Locomotives - 5

Arranged in order of Date of production & works number

The pictures are chosen for reasons of historic interest before photographic quality

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Consolidated Main Reef #1 (BP 6780/1935), later used at the New Raleigh Colliery and then sold to the New Clydesdale Colliery being scrapped about 1978. This is the South African Industrial design.

Nigeria Railways #501 (BP 6781/1936).

Iranian State Railway. 418 - 421 (BP 6787-6790/1936) later renumbered 86.01 - 86.04.

Sao Paulo Railway - E. F. Bragantina, class V #12 (BP 6795/1936).

South African Railways - Class NG/G 16, 88(Cockerill 3268/1936) at Izotsha with the Banana Express.

PLM-Algeria 231-132BT1 (Societe Franco-Belge, Raismes, France 2697/1936). The most striking Garratt design built! (Collection G. Hamilton)

Royal State Railways, Thailand #458 (Henschel 23110/1936) a slight enlargement of the original order for this company.

Sierra Leone Development Corporation #6, (BP 6842/1937), very similar to a batch 3 GE of South African Railways.

"William Francis" (BP 6841/1937) built for Baddesley Colliery, the only remaining example of the UK industrial design, as preserved at Bressingham. Frank Neubauer was fortunate to find it in a position where photography was possible - unlike my visits! (Frank Neubauer).

F. C. Dorado, Columbia #17 (BP 6843/1938) withdrawn 1955. The only 3' gauge design built by Beyer Peacock.

Newly erected Sudan Railways 250 class #257 (BP 6873/1937), later Rhodesia Railways 17th class #278 before being sold to the CFM as #927, being used on the Beira Line (S. V. Blencowe Collection).

Rhodesia Railways 16th Class #264 (BP 6882/1938) later renumbered 613 it was scrapped in 1972.

South African Railways - Class GM, number unknown(BP -/1938) near Breyten in the early 1970's(David Guelpa)

Regie des Chemins de fer de l'Afrique Occidentale Francais, Chemin de fer Abidjan-Niger 93.201 (Société Franco-Belge, Raismes, France 2715/1938) with a goods train at Bouake, Cote d'Ivoire in 1951. (Jacques Dubreuil)

Kenya-Uganda Railway class EC3 #77 (BP 6905/1939) as East African Railways 5701. (Chris Greville collection)

South African Railways - Class NG/G 16, 116(BP 6926/1939) near Ridge on the Alfred County Railway

Bengal Nagpur Railway class P #857(BP 6933/1939). Became South Eastern Railway 38857.

C. F. Franco Ethiopien #501-506(Ansaldo 1371-76/1939). The only Italian built Garratts, the first three (501-503) went to Ethiopia and lasted until 1959, the other three (504-506) went to Tripoli (Libya), two definitely arrived (and had to be regauged by FS personel) but what happened to the other one - opinions differ and no pictures seem to exist of these Libyan examples. (Information from Mauro Langarini)

Australian Portland Cement (BP 6935/1939) preserved at Menzies Creek (A. J. Hurst)

Rhodesia Railways - Batch 1 15th Class #272 (BP 6937/1940). Later renumbered 351 it was withdrawn, unrebuilt, in 1973 but not scrapped until 1995.

Leopoldina Railway #400 (BP 6976/1943).

Leopoldina Railway #392 (BP 7030/1943).

Nigerian Railways 501 class #520(BP 7054/1943) being coaled at Kano in 1971 (R. Gurney).

War Department 3'6" gauge Standard Heavy Garratt WD4410/74410, (BP 7067/1943) became Rhodesia Railways 18th Class #282 and was sold to Mozambique in 1949, as their #982, being seen here on a freight train. It is a reported survivor at Gondola, though in what condition is anyone's guess (Ted Hamer Collection.)

Burma Railways - Class GB, (BP -/1943) derelict in Myanmar (Burma) (Florian Schmidt/Dampf & Reise via Philippe Quiot)

War Department Metre Gauge Standard Heavy Garratt #74419 (BP 7076/1943) which became Kenya-Uganda Railway class EC4 #90/101, shown as East African Railways 5402. (Chris Greville collection)

War Department 4200/74200 (BP 7112/1943) Bengal Assam Railway #702, WD India #410 & finally Burma Railways 821.

War Department 4210/74210 (BP 7122/1944), a war casualty, it was lost at sea, never entering service.

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